Meteor by Kreyos aims to be an all-in-one voice and gesture controlled smartwatch

June 26, 2013 in Android, Apple, Kickstarter, Smartwatch News

Even though there was no mention of the Apple iWatch at WWDC, the smartwatch market is still seeing new models being created month after month. The latest entrant, Kreyos’ Meteor smartwatch looks set to give the rumored iWatch and other smartwatches on the market a run for their money.

Kreyos Meteor smartwatch

The Meteor smartwatch has the standard features expected of smartwatches and they include answering and making of phone calls, sending of texts and emails, music control, posting to social media and calendar notifications. However, it differentiates itself from it competitors by offering a few more features that are either not seen in other smartwatches or have implemented them in a better fashion.

Firstly, it uses a 3 axis gyroscope to allow you to use gestures to control your Meteor watch. At the start, four wrist motions are preconfigured and you can associate these motions with a corresponding action. Kreyos has promised more motions to be added to the platform in the near future to allow you to have a greater variety to the controls. They have also allowed developers to build in motions into their apps to allow customized controls.

If gesture controls is not enough, they have also added voice control to the Meteor. With the Meteor, smartphone users will be able to use their phone’s voice controls from their smartwatch. This is achieved by having a microphone and speaker on the smartwatch itself. Interestingly, the Meteor is waterproof even with the presence of these two ports, unlike the Martian smartwatch. One thing to note though, it is mentioned that the degree of “waterproofness” (the maximum operating depth) of the Meteor has yet to be determined. Additionally, on the Martian smartwatch, it was noted that the speaker seemed weak and not audible in less than ideal environments. Only hands-on testing will allow us to determine if this is the same with the Meteor smartwatch.

Most smartwatches in the market are only capable of one-way notifications. So far, only the Pebble is capable of two-way communication with the smartphone. The Meteor will be the next smartwatch that is has two-way communication with the smartphone with its voice and gesture controls.

Like most smartwatches, the Meteor is able to help track and analyze your sports activities such as distance, calories burned and steps and syncs this information through your phone or via an Internet connection, to the Kreyos Cloud. Just like the Motorola MotoActv, it is also compatible with any ANT+ or Bluetooth sensors that you might already have.

In our previous article, we discussed looked at how the clips used on the Motorola MotoActv and the Sony SmartWatch allowed easy changes of the strap but added bulk to the watch itself. Kreyos took a different route for the Meteor. The Meteor can be popped out of its silicone watch band and be used with other available accessories like the lanyard or belt clip which are also made of high-grade, durable silicone. This allowed them to do away with the clip which would have added more thickness to an already large smartwatch, which measure 47.5mm (height) by 33.4mm (width) by 13.35mm (thickness).

Kreyos belt clip accessory

Belt clip for the Meteor smartwatch

Belt clip for the Meteor smartwatch

Kreyos lanyard accessory

Lanyard for the Meteor smartwatch

Lanyard for the Meteor smartwatch

Kreyos watch band accessory

Watch bands for the Meteor smartwatch

Watch bands for the Meteor smartwatch

The wrist bands, lanyards and belt clips come in the following “hot” colors:

  • Boppin’ Black
  • Wintry White
  • Poppin Pink
  • Bo Berry Blue
  • Luscious Lime

The watchbands also come in two sizes, a wider band for men and a narrower band for women. The watchbands can also fit the standard 22mm bands as well.

An SDK is also in the works and it will allow third party developers to create custom apps that can interact with smartphones and build new functionality for the motion and voice controls. These functions should be able to tap on the new enhanced Bluetooth features on iOS7 to provide even more to the iPhone user.

Kreyos watch faces

Kreyos watch faces

Kreyos is looking for a $100,000 crowdfunded investment on Indiegogo and it expects the Meteor smartwatch to retail for $169 after release. They estimate that they will be able to ship the first Meteors out around the end of November 2013.

A software developer kit is also in the works that will allow third-party developers to create custom software for interfacing with smartphone apps and possibly other hardware over Bluetooth. Further opening the door to smartwatch software development are the new Bluetooth APIs found in iOS 7, which allow Bluetooth LE devices better access to Notification Center and other core features of iOS. The Meteor is also stated to work with iPhones, Android and Windows phones

Tech Specs

  • Ultra Low Power MCU
  • Ultra Low Power 1.26 Inch Memory LCD Screen 144 x 168 pixel
  • 4 Waterproof Buttons
  • Vibrating motor
  • ANT/ANT+
  • Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0 (Low Energy)
  • 3-Axis Gyrometer
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Water Resistant Mini Speaker
  • Water Resistant MEMS Microphone with HIGH SNR and Flat Wide Band frequency response
  • Water resistant – Good for swimming and shower (ATMs: TBD)
  • 150 mah Lithium Rechargeable Battery (7 days battery life)
  • USB Interface for Charging and Watch OS Update