Motorola Bike Speed and Cadence Sensor

April 20, 2013 in Motorola, Smart Watch Accessories

Motorola Bike Sensor Package

Motorola Bike Sensor Package

Motorola Bike Speed and Cadence Sensor utilizes wheel and crank arm magnetic sensors to determine your cycling speed which is wirelessly transmitted, displayed and stored directly on your Motorola MotoActv. Plus, you can analyze your performance at the MotoActv Training Portal. The device uses cross-talk immunity technology to prevent other transmitters from interfering with your sensor.

Since it is also an ANT+ device, you can use this product with the MotoActv even when it is paired to other ANT+ devices like your Motorola Heart Rate Monitor.

The device comes with the following items:

  • Speed and Cadence Sensor
  • Wheel Magnet – Tracks your speed
  • Crank Arm Magnet – Measures your cadence or peddling rotation rate

Installing the device, however, can be quite a bit of a pain for some. All 3 parts of this kit are mounted on the left side of your bike. The main sensor unit is mounted on the left chainstay, the crank arm magnet is mounted on the left crank shaft and lastly, the wheel magnet is place on the rear shell spokes facing the sensor on the chainstay.

For starters, those with bikes that have thick chainstays will not be able to install the sensor easily. The rubber piece is not large enough for some of the thicker chainstays. A zip tie (cable tie) mounting method would be much easier, convenient and secure.

The Wheel Magnet is the easiest to install. Just tighten it onto a wheel spoke and you are ready to go. Just make sure that the correct side (silver side) faces the main sensor.

The Crank Arm Magnet however, is a totally different matter. A rubber ring is used to secure the Crank Arm Magnet to your pedal crank shaft. You will need to remove your pedal first to install this magnet. One worry is that the rubber piece might lose integrity after a while and drop off. Again, a zip tie system would have made this much easier to install and last longer (not to mention repairable).

You might need to adjust your magnets and sensor once you have mounted everything. The magnets must pass within 3-5mm of the main sensor unit to work and accurately measure your workout. Use the LED indicator on the main sensor to determine if you have everything mounted correctly, it will blink green when it detects a magnet.

Do note that it is not really advisable to use this on an off-road trip. The sensor and mounting methods do not seem rugged enough to handle the vibrations or the environment (mud, water etc).

Finally, to pair the sensor to the MotoActv, you will need to turn the crank and wheel as this will allow the sensor to be detected by the MotoActv. A somewhat troublesome thing to do, especially if you are trying to do this in your home and do not have much space.

Due to all the above mentioned issues with the product, I cannot in good conscience, recommend this until all these issues have been ironed out.

You can check out Amazon’s customer reviews on this product at the link below:
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31 May 2013 Update: This product has been discontinued on Amazon.