Qualcomm will not be selling the Toq smartwatch after all

September 23, 2013 in Qualcomm, Smartwatch News

Toq smartwatch with Bluetooth headsets

It seems that Qualcomm will not be joining the smartwatch market afterall. Previously, the company revealed the Toq smartwatch to the world and announced that the smartwatch will incorporate their Mirasol technology. The company said that it expects to sell “tens of thousands” of units as Qualcomm looks to the Toq as a proof-of-concept device more than an actual consumer product.

However, Qualcomm’s President of Southeast Asia and Pacific, John Stefanac, is now saying that the Toq will not be sold but was instead intended to showcase some technologies” and that Qualcomm will not be getting into the smartwatch business.

This means that for those who expected the Toq to be sold as a limited edition smartwatch will be disappointed. The company goes on to say that it hopes to to closely collaborate with traditional ecosystem participants and new entrants beyond this limited edition smartwatch so as to advance the emerging wearables space.

Given that Qualcomm is in the business of making hardware components, this is not surprising. Now, lets see how the company appeases those who were bent on getting their hands on the Toq.